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Van Nuys is a neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles, California, within the San Fernando Valley. Van Nuys, like other San Fernando Valley neighborhoods, is often mistaken as an independent city separate from the City of Los Angeles. With more than a hundred thousand inhabitants, it is noted for its youthful median age and the large percentage of residents who were born abroad, as well as the high rate of families headed by single parents. A high percentage of adults have never completed high school.

Van Nuys has many notable locations, including Van Nuys Airport, and a number of prominent people have lived in the city. There are three parks and a senior center. Eleven public schools—including two high schools—and eight private schools are situated within Van Nuys. The neighborhood also hosts a public library branch, as well as a large number of government offices.

Some areas have broken away from Van Nuys and have become identified with neighboring districts.