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Arleta is a community in the San Fernando Valley region of the City of Los Angeles, California. Arleta, like other San Fernando Valley neighborhoods, is often mistaken as an independent city separate from the City of Los Angeles. It was considered part of Pacoima until the late 1960s, when real estate agents and developers, seeking to be disassociated from the then declining Pacoima home sales prices, "seceded" and formed what appeared to be a new community. The area retained its original ZIP code of 91331, the same as Pacoima.

The United States Postal Service Arleta Post Office is located at 9454 Arleta Avenue. This post office was opened shortly before Christmas 1954 and has consistently served the community since then. The original construction was performed by Ralph Benton of Van Nuys at a total cost of $21,500. The fashion company Juicy Couture has its headquarters in Arleta.

The boundaries of Arleta are roughly Paxton Avenue on the northwest, Laurel Canyon Boulevard on the northeast, Tonopah Avenue on the southeast, and Woodman Avenue on the southwest, making the square area about four (4) miles, according to Google Earth.