Cloud Servers

Combine Physical and Virtual

Siteserver's Hybrid Hosting combines cloud computing with traditional hosting giving you the best of both worlds for hosting and scaling production web applications. With Hybrid Hosting, you can provision cloud (virtual) and dedicated (physical) servers on the same network. Our scalable pay-per-use cloud storage service can be quickly added to your infrastructure giving you scalable network storage. Hardware F5 load balancing helps you scale your web servers to handle growing or spikes in internet traffic.

Some businesses use Hybrid Hosting to run databases on dedicated hardware for PCI compliance or because they do not want sensitive data residing on a shared platform-even if the environment is highly secure. Other applications, such as web servers, run well in the cloud because they can use the elasticity of the cloud to rapidly scale.

Cloud Infrastructure

The hybrid infrastructure is a truly customizable solution that takes advantage of the strengths of both managed dedicated servers and the cloud while reducing the limitations. With Hybrid Hosting, users sacrifice neither scalability nor security to gain the ultimate hosting solution. Here is an example hybrid infrastructure; however, adjustments can be made to fit your company's existing IT situation.

Who Would Benefit?

  • Performance concerns such as large CPU demands as may be required by certain database environments.
  • Existing physical infrastructure has not depreciated but additional capacity is required.
  • Regulatory compliance such as PCI.
  • Businesses that want to take advantage of the benefits of cloud while maintaining the ability to meet requirements which include the use of a physically separate environment.
  • Overflow burst capacity.

You can now optimize business processes and control costs as your needs change. From one year to the next, standard solutions may no longer deliver the security, performance, or scalability you need to meet new business demands. Hybrid Hosting overcomes these limitations with a flexibility that allows you to instantly change infrastructure services whether dedicated or cloud-based without compromising security or reliability.

The hybrid approach eliminates the need for spreading your infrastructure across disconnected self-managed data centers and disparate hosting providers and eliminates the costs associated with maintaining underutilized infrastructures.

Dedicated Server Performance, Cloud Server Scalability, and World-Class Colocation With Siteserver's Hybrid Hosting, you get the benefits of dedicated servers, cloud servers, and world-class colocation data centers in a single solution. Dedicated hardware is ideal for your organization's legacy applications and for running applications that require a higher level of sophistication and security, such as government-regulated client data. Using hosted dedicated servers reduces capital expenses while liberating your technology resources so you can focus on improving business processes.

When you need to quickly scale up to handle spikes in resources, bandwidth, storage or computing needs, Hybrid hosting is the answer you can move from a dedicated server environment to the cloud . Public or private cloud environments are ideal for scaling development environments, database and web applications. Running applications in a cloud environment permits you to meet increased demand without increased capital expenditures. When spikes occur, you can instantly scale servers to keep your applications running smoothly. When demand subsides, disconnect the servers and only pay for the resources that were used.

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