Email Features and Technology

Most companies today depend on email and collaboration services to keep their businesses running and they simply can't afford to have any downtime. Nor can they afford to spend any more time in administrating, maintaining and supporting the email solution. It's time to free up your resources and let the hosting experts take care of all of your email needs.

Siteserver has a variety of business email solutions, which can meet your needs that are all fully supported by certified, expert technicians, who are available 24x7x365. And, with an all-out, no excuses, absolute commitment to doing whatever it takes to ensure you're 100% satisfied, 100% of the time.

  • Fully clustered e-mail hosting servers
  • POP3/IMAP/SMTP and SSL support
  • Spam and virus protection
  • Unlimited EMail Aliases
  • Unlimited EMail Forwarding
  • 24x7 Support (online, email, and phone)
  • Web-Based control panel for account management
  • Read EMail on any web browser through WebMail

Intuitive Webmail

With Siteserver's Webmail interface is intuitive for both casual and power users, Siteserver provides access to email, instant messaging, calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks from any device or tablet with a Web browser. If you don't want to use an email client like Outlook, you don't have to; all of Siteserver's Webmail functionality is available using a web browser.

Key technology components include:

  • Process specific load-balanced server clustering
  • Real time data replication between storage servers
  • DNS load-balanced clustering
  • Built-in failure detection
  • OpenBSD Firewall security
  • Intrusion Detection Systems & packet filtering
  • Simple Storage Service (S3) nightly backups
  • Data backups in three dispersed data centers
  • In-line spare servers
  • 100% Cisco powered internally redundant network
  • Conditioned power and UPSs with failover UPSs
  • Diesel engine backup generators
  • Redundant HVAC and dust filtering
  • Continuous surveillance
  • Fire supression
  • Certified staff trained in maintaining critical systems
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Virus and Spam Filtering

Every load balancing configuartion is custom designed and built. SingleHop offers both Linux and Microsoft Windows cluster configurations.

Load Balancing

Database replication creates a real time mirror of your database on another server. This is useful for data redundancy, and performance reasons. Also see the master-slave configuration diagram.