VoIP Phone Services

A Complete Phone Solution

Siteserver VoIP helps you work smarter and increase your overall productivity. No more phone tag, missed calls, or expensive long distance charges. Pair this with our High-Speed Broadband Internet service and easily scale your infrastructure as your company grows.

Conference Bridges

Replace your expensive conferencing service with a conference bridge for each employee in your office, for free.

Phone Provisioning

Instantly provision your phone and make it yours. Works with any Aastra, Cisco, CloudTC, Polycom, Snom, Linksys, or Yealink phone.

Caller ID

Caller ID enables the phone number of the calling party to be displayed on your phone.

Emergency Services

Did you know that you can’t call 911 through Skype or Google Voice? Make emergency calls through your phone with e911.

Simultaneous Ring

Have one phone number simultaneously ring your cellphone, desk phone and/or home phone.


Dial a simple customized code you set yourself to change phones and make it yours, with your caller ID.

Web Portal Interface

An easy drag-and-drop interface makes managing your telecom system super easy.

Find-me Follow-me

Take calls on the go by transferring calls seamlessly from your desk phone to cellphone.

Directory Assistance

Start typing someone’s last or first name to reach their extension number.

Voicemail to Email

Get your voicemails sent to your email inbox and check them from there.

Secure Voicemail

Keep your voicemail safe and secure no matter where you’re accessing it from.

Music On Hold

Tired of that terrible elevator music on hold? Show off your music taste with customized your music on hold for each device.

Pre-pay Billing With Invoicing

Billing doesn’t have to be such a hassle anymore.


Click any 10-digit number and start calling right away.

Call Forwarding

Send your call from one device to another, as you need it.

Basic Call Center

Create your basic call center with the ability to handle massive amounts of calls.

Instant Number Activation

Need to start out with a brand new number? Purchase and instantly activate a new number and make it yours today.

Fax to Email

Have your faxes delivered straight to your Inbox for only $5/mo when added with a Voice Plan.

Multiple User Voicemail

Have multiple users access the same voicemail box. Great for department collaboration and workflow.

Intercom Paging/Notifications

Page other handsets or add a dedicated loudspeaker.

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IT managers seek communication solutions that meet the various communication needs, yet are easy to deploy, manage & support.
  • Simple, intuitive user interfaces that reduce ongoing IT support costs
  • Revolutionary voice quality from Polycom HD Voice technology
  • Interoperability with leading SIP-based IP PBX and Softswitch platforms
  • Simplified deployment, management and maintenance
  • Proven reliability and consistent performance
  • Open application (API) platform for customization to your business needs